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Automatic Upgrades on Rocky Linux

Use this guide to configure automatic upgrades on Rocky Linux.

For every one of my servers, I configure automated security updates. This removes some of the overhead that is included when maintaining servers.

Configuring Automatic Upgrades

Rocky provides a tool called dnf-automatic to automatically retrieve and install security patches and other essential upgrades for your server.

If this tool is not installed already, you can install it with the following command.

sudo dnf install dnf-automatic -y

You can now configure the tool by changing the configuration file. Open this file using the editor.

sudo vi /etc/dnf/automatic.conf

We need to enable automatic updates by setting the apply_updates option to yes. Otherwise, dnf-automatic will only download but not install the available updates.

apply_updates = yes

I choose to only enable security patches to be automatically installed on my system. I don’t want all packages to be updated, this could lead to unexpected changes in functionality.

We do this by changing the value of the upgrade_type option to security.

upgrade_type = security

Finally, you need to enable the service.

sudo systemctl enable dnf-automatic.timer

You can check the status of the automatic updates process.

sudo systemctl list-timers dnf-*

Configuring the Timer

You can choose to change the configuration of the timer by using the command below.

sudo systemctl edit dnf-automatic.timer

If you made changes to the configuration file, restart the dnf-automatic timer in order for the changes to take effect.

sudo systemctl restart dnf-automatic.timer
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